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With every seed, starter, tree or vine you plant, you’re investing in the outcome. Come harvest time, the greater the yield, the stronger your return. At Stoller, we understand what your plants are up against, including the stresses that prevent them from reaching their full potential.

Stoller products combine our proprietary technology with supporting nutrients to help you get the most from every plant. Our protocols establish and maintain hormonal balance at key stages of development to help your crop withstand stresses that limit optimum growth and higher yield.

Every Stoller product is backed by proven science and manufactured from high-quality, technical-grade ingredients to help your plants function more efficiently and consistently from planting through harvest. All are thoroughly tested, evaluated and designed to work in concert with good farming practices to help you achieve maximum yield—and the greatest return on your investment.

Products may not be registered in all states. Please contact your Stoller Representative or contact your state’s agricultural regulatory agency for registration status. Always read and follow label directions.