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Nitro Plus 9™
Nitro Plus 9™ promotes efficient nitrogen uptake and use efficiency for fast root flush and greater physiological response.


Not Approved for Sale or Use in California.

Nitro Plus 9™ is a proprietary combination of amine nitrogen, available calcium, and available magnesium formulated to reduce nitrogen leaching and volatilization.

Nitro Plus 9 increases nitrogen uptake and use efficiency. It is rapidly absorbed by the plant roots and does not require plant energy to be synthesized into amino acids and proteins, resulting in an immediate root flush and greater physiological response compared to other forms of nitrogen.

Product Benefits

  • Provides amine nitrogen, which requires no processing to become protein
  • Balances excess nitrate
  • Displaces soil sodium and helps remediate salty, sodic, and heavily manured soils
  • Increases nutrient uptake and use efficiency
  • Tank-mix compatible with nitrogen solution and with other plant protectants

Recommended Applications

Soil, Foliar, Irrigation
See the label for more information about specific crops, rates, and timing. Always read and follow label directions.

Application: Soil, Foliar, Irrigation
Type: Specialty Product

Active Ingredients

  • Total nitrogen – 9.0%
    • 9% urea nitrogen
  • Calcium 7.0%
  • Magnesium – 1.5%
    • 1.5% water soluble magnesium