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Customer Testimonials

Stoller brings a wealth of research knowledge and experience to naturally enhance the genetic potential of plants. We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers by providing the best solutions. We appreciate our customers and value their comments.

“Honestly, if Stoller’s products didn’t work, we would not be using them. We’re looking for products that will double our rate of return on investment. Our yields have increased significantly since we started incorporating the Stoller program in 2010.”

– MIKE GAUL | Strawberry Point, IA

“We’ve achieved great yields due to Stoller products, and I feel more comfortable using this brand because they’ve been around for many years. For a minimal investment, it’s a great return for such a small amount of product you need to use. We’ve seen a uniform result in our corn crops.”

– STEVE MCCOY | Decatur, IL

Josh Koehn of Montezuma, Kansas understands the toll high winds and temperatures can have on crops in southwest Kansas. He turns to StollerUSA products like Bio-Forge to overcome stress and won the state NCGA yield contest in 2012 and 2013.

– JOSH KOEHN | Montezuma, KS

“We have had by far the best yields on soybeans (6-8 bushels per acre on the whole farm) thanks to Stoller products. I suggest incorporating a full tailored Stoller program in order to see the best results.”


“We’re seeing some terrific results thanks to Stoller products. After incorporating a tailored Stoller program, we saw a great improvement with our soybean crops. Our yields increased from an average of 67 bushels per acre, to an average of upper 70s/low 80s bushels per acre. In my personal experience, Stoller products are easy to use, crops respond very well to them, and it’s a positive return on investment.”

– MIKE WILLIAMS | Amana Farms, Amana, IA