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Maximize Yield with Bio-Forge® Advanced In-Furrow at Planting

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Get ahead of crop stress this season.

Planting in less than ideal conditions causes abiotic crop stress, leading to yield loss at harvest. Trust Stoller to help you manage abiotic stress and maximize yield.

The first 24 to 48 hours after a seed is planted are critical to determining the yield potential of a crop. Abiotic stress limits nutrient uptake, plant growth, and seed development. Abiotic stress includes stress due to temperature extremes, excessive rain, hail, or dry conditions. In fact, 70% of your crop’s yield potential can be lost due to these weather-related stressors.

Bio-Forge®  Advanced mixes easily with starter fertilizer and provides a cost-effective solution to fight yield-limiting abiotic stress. It combines three stress management modes of action, creating an unmatched level of stress management for optimizing plant productivity all season long. With abiotic stress factors taken care of, crops can use their energy toward productivity, growth and performance.

Fight abiotic stress while you feed your crop by applying Bio-Forge® Advanced in-furrow at planting with your starter fertilizer. Contact your Stoller representative today for more information on maximizing performance while planting in stressful conditions.