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Maximize Yield in Hot, Dry Conditions

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Hot or dry conditions cause stress to crops, leading to decreased yield come harvest. Trust Stoller to help you protect your yield when things heat up.

Hot, dry conditions cause a decrease in nutrient uptake, plant growth, and overall yield. Heat also causes the crucial hormone, cytokinin, to break down in the plant. Cytokinin starts to break down in small grains at 67 degrees and 87 degrees in other crops.

Why is this important?

The breakdown of cytokinin is what typically leads to tip-back and kernel loss in corn, flower abortion and pod loss in soybeans, and seed abortion in small grains.

Stoller’s X-Cyte™ provides cytokinin which helps restore hormone balance and combat yield loss due to high temperatures. It is the market-leader in consistency and performance, limiting yield loss due to cytokinin deficiency. X-Cyte™ is an EPA-registered plant growth regulator and yield stimulant.

Help prevent abiotic stress caused by hot, dry conditions by applying Bio-Forge® Advanced. Bio-Forge® Advanced provides a cost-effective solution to combat abiotic stress and enhance plant growth. It combines three modes of action into one product, creating an unmatched level of abiotic stress management for optimizing plant productivity all season long. With abiotic stress factors taken care of, crops can use their energy toward productivity, growth and performance.

Crops need nutrients all season, especially during stressful conditions. Harvest More™ Urea Mate is a complete fertilizer that provides 11 key nutrients for the plant in a foliar spray or through irrigation.

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