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Stoller Root Feed® Dry
Stoller Root Feed® Dry promotes continuous root growth, maintaining optimum nutritional balance through each growth stage.


Plant roots produce most of the hormones that plants need for proper growth, fruit development, and yield. A healthy, vigorous root system needs proper nutrition to sustain the life of the plant. Stoller Root Feed® Dry supports continuous growth of the roots, maintaining the optimum nutritional balance throughout the plant’s growth cycles, regardless of the crop stage and environmental variations.

Product Benefits

  • Optimizes conditions for efficient use of fertilizers applied to the soil

  • Supports uniform establishment of crops grown from seed or transplants

  • Provides nutritional support for vigorous root, increased yield, and plant health

Recommended Applications

Soil, Foliar, Irrigation
See the label for more information about specific crops, rates, and timing. Always read and follow label directions.

Application: Foliar, Irrigation
Type: Specialty Product

Active Ingredients

• Nitrogen (N) – 9.00%
• Potassium (K20) – 5.00%
• Calcium (Ca) – 12.90%
• Magnesium (Mg) – 1.20%
• Boron (B) – 0.12%
• Molybdenum (Mo) 0.03%