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Season Long Approach to Managing Crop Stress

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Crop stress can strike at any time in the season – whether it is cold, wet conditions early on, hail or wind events mid-season, or hot dry conditions later on. Whether the weather by trusting Stoller to provide a season-long approach to minimize crop stress and maximize yields.

Growing in less than ideal conditions causes abiotic crop stress, leading to yield loss at harvest. Abiotic stress limits nutrient uptake, plant growth, and seed development. In fact, 70% of your crop’s yield potential can be lost due to weather-related stressors.

Stoller has a whole line of products backed by 50 years of knowledge that combat abiotic stress, provide critical nutrients, improve nutrient uptake and utilization, and promote plant growth to maximize yield, even in stressful growing conditions.

Many of these products are tank-mix compatible and combine easily with fertilizer, herbicides, and fungicides. Talk with your Stoller representative about how you can maximize your in-furrow, herbicide, and fungicide applications by including Stoller products to minimize stress and maximize yield.

Managing crop stress to maximize yields isn’t just smart, it’s STOLLER SMART™.