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Heat stress in citrus harms both the tree and fruit yield. High temperatures can cause flower loss, poor fruit set, fruit malformations, smaller fruit, and discolored fruit, leading to reduced yield and money lost at the end of the season.

Stoller solutions for citrus can offset these heat-related factors by promoting healthy citrus trees, resulting in better quality fruit, increased yield, and higher ROI.

When temperatures increase, production of cytokinin in the plant starts to break down. Cytokinin is a hormone found in plants that is responsible for cell division and is crucial during vegetative and reproductive phases. Decreased cytokinin production at the wrong time can lead to flower and fruit abortion that result in yield loss at harvest.

X-Cyte™ is an EPA-registered plant growth regulator that helps restore cytokinin levels. X-Cyte™ promotes cell division for increased carbohydrate storage capacity, enhanced uniformity, increased density, and improved quality of the fruit.

The nutritional needs of the tree need to be addressed during stressful conditions such as high heat. Harvest More® Urea Mate provides 11 key nutrients readily available for the tree to utilize when needed.

Bio-HOLD® is a product based on field-proven Stoller science used for improving abiotic stress management in plants.

Stoller Root Feed® Dry supports healthy root growth all season long. Healthier roots are better able to take up nutrients and handle abiotic stress caused by extreme temperatures. The root system is also where four of the major plant hormones are produced. Healthier roots maintain better hormone balance, and therefore enhance growth, support fruit development, and increase yield.

X-Cyte™ provides cytokinin, which is critical for vegetative growth, reproductive development and abiotic stress mitigation.

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