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Pioneers in plant physiology, nutrition and hormone technology

Our Vision

To deliver proven plant performance solutions that empower our customers’ sustainability.

Our Mission

We are a customer-oriented agricultural company that creates exceptional value for our stakeholders through innovation and knowledge.

Our Values

People, Innovation, Knowledge, Integrity, Customer, Excellence

About Stoller

Stoller has a 50+ year history of helping growers increase productivity and return on investment (ROI). Based in Houston, Texas, we are a U.S. company known internationally as the global leader in plant science and plant physiology. We are the largest biostimulant and plant health company in the world with 17 subsidiaries and sales in over 70 countries.

We are proud to help farmers feed more people, and we do it by helping them increase their farm productivity and by maximizing the genetic expression of their crops. We understand the factors that limit yield and how to provide solutions to overcome those challenges. Stoller’s products and technology are proven to ensure optimum plant growth so our growers get the most out of every acre – no matter what challenges or conditions they face during the season.

Stoller products go right along with current farming practices, without the need for additional passes across the field. By managing plant nutrition and using the right Stoller product for the right purpose at the right crop stage and timing (e.g., seed treatment or in-furrow at planting, foliar with herbicide application, drip or overhead irrigation, or foliar with fungicide application), progressive farmers are realizing greater yield and ROI. For winning yield in every field, start with Stoller.

As a company, we are recognized as the leading provider of yield-enhancing solutions for both localized and global crop production challenges such as extreme temperatures, drought conditions, nutrient imbalance, and less than ideal soil conditions.

It’s been my ambition to do something different in agriculture that was different from what people normally did. As I said, it was my desire to do something special.

Jerry Stoller

About Our Founder

Our founder Jerry Stoller dedicated his life to helping good things grow. That journey took him from his early days studying agronomy at the University of Illinois to Cornell University, where he studied the concepts of plant productivity and the circumstances required to optimize outcomes.

In 1970, he founded Stoller USA, Inc., to help farmers improve their approach to growing crops. Under his guidance, the company spearheaded revolutionary research that took the guesswork out of maintaining healthy crops by managing plant hormone levels and micronutrients throughout the plant growth cycle. Along the way, Jerry became the recognized leading authority on plant development and nutrition.

Inspired by Jerry Stoller’s vision, we continue to walk in our founder’s footsteps, dedicating ourselves to exploring the “language of plants” and developing new technologies that help feed people around the world

Landmark Research

Thanks to this groundbreaking work, Stoller proved that farmers who maintain optimum hormone balance in their crops will facilitate maximum genetic expression, resulting in healthier plants that better withstand stress of changing growing conditions.