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Who We Are

Whether it’s a farm in the Midwest, Asia or South America, growers are continually faced with unique growing challenges — extreme temperatures, drought conditions, infertility, salty or sandy soils and more. Stoller experts view these conditions as opportunities for continued innovation and the advancement of Stoller technology. It’s this mentality that has allowed us to become the leading provider of yield-enhancing solutions for both localized and global crop production challenges.


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Developed Products

Stoller was founded in Houston, Texas, with the objective of developing innovative solutions to increase the productivity of plants. Stoller is now the world leader in development and sales of crop health products.

Strategic Solutions

The value of Stoller’s products can be found in our expertise and understanding of the plant hormone balance, how it relates to the growth stages of crops and the impact hormonal activity has on plant development and performance.

Increased Production

Only Stoller products contain our proprietary technology, which is proven to ensure optimum plant growth so you can get the most out of every acre — no matter what conditions or challenges you face during the season.

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What Our Clients Say

Hear growers across the United States talk about how Stoller products solved various crop challenges. View All

Josh Koehn

Montezuma, KS

Josh Koehn of Montezuma, Kansas understands the toll high winds and temperatures can have on crops in southwest Kansas. He turns to StollerUSA products like Bio-Forge to overcome stress and won the state NCGA yield contest in 2012 and 2013.

Latest News

PGR - It's an acronym farmers are hearing more and more about, but what are they and how should they be used? PGR stands for Plant Growth Regulator. PGRs are often known as plant hormones (also called phytohormones). They are signaling molecules prod...
Pepper growers Frank and Frankie Garry understand the challenges that can come from the unforgiving New Mexico land. That’s why they trust Stoller products to help them manage stress and diseases. From planting through fruiting and harvesting, Stolle...
For Paul and Rosie Lack, pecans are their livelihood that’s why they trust Stoller products to help them grow and thrive. From beating plant stress with Bio-Forge, to diagnosing and treating nutrient deficiencies, Stoller is there with them every ste...

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