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More Profit In Every Plant
Greater Yield in Every Field

Stoller Helps Overcome Your Growing Challenges to Increase Crop Yield

As a grower, you’re always facing new challenges. From extreme temperatures and drought to flower and fruit loss to salty or sandy soils, there’s always a new obstacle ahead. How well you prepare, overcome and adapt to these changing conditions translates into less crop stress, higher yields and greater profitability. At Stoller, we have the agricultural experts, technologies and tools you need to maximize your yield potential.

A Season-Long Approach to Higher Yields

Every plant is a combination of roots, stems and leaves. At Stoller, we see the greatest potential for what the plant could become. To harness its development, our products maximize pathways inside the plant to move energy that accelerates roots, rights abiotic stress and optimizes yields.


The first 24 to 48 hours after a seed is planted are critical to growth of the crop and optimal yield and quality at harvest. Stoller products help crops get off to a fast, vigorous start and manage the negative impact of abiotic stress at the initial stages of the crop’s development. They can be conveniently used as a seed treatment or in-furrow with fertilizer at planting for row crops or in a transplant drench for fruit and vegetable crops.


Vegetative growth and development allow for greater photosynthesis which leads to greater results at harvest. Stoller products fit into planned application passes and can be tank-mixed with most fertilizers and pesticides to optimize growth, maintain proper hormone balance and manage abiotic stress leading up to reproductive crop stages.


Proper fruit development and grain fill are critical to realizing the full genetic potential in each crop. Stoller has late-stage products that help to direct the flow of energy and sugars within the plant to the flowers, fruit and seed of the crop based on the plant’s growth stage. This results in greater yields and higher quality at harvest.

A Scientific Approach to Achieving Higher Yields


Crop Health

Keeping plants healthy from seed to harvest starts by understanding the unique needs of each crop. We offer specific agricultural solutions that keep your plants healthy and strengthen their natural defenses against abiotic stress.


Plant Growth

Our crop protection products offer proprietary technologies that you won’t find at other fertilizer or agricultural companies. From stimulating and stabilizing each plant’s hormonal balance to providing molecules of specific nutrients, our brands are proven to optimize growth at every stage of their development.


Yield Optimization

Stoller is more than a fertilizer company. We offer proprietary products ranging from foliar fertilizer to biostimulants, soil preparation supplements and proven crop-specific protocols to achieve higher yields. Plus many of our formulations are “in-tank” compatible with other field applications to simplify your operations and maximize your productivity. Together, we’ll help you get the most out of every acre you farm.

Before the
Growing Gets Tough,
Talk With Us

Before you buy your crop inputs, let Stoller show you how a commercial supplier with the right combination of science, technology and nutrients can deliver a greater return on your seed investment.

Before the
Growing Gets Tough,
Talk With Us

Before you buy your crop inputs, let Stoller show you how a commercial supplier with the right combination of science, technology and nutrients can deliver a greater return on your seed investment.

Stoller Products Help You Make the Most of Every Seed.

Whatever you grow and wherever you farm, Stoller has the science, expertise and solutions you need to achieve higher yield in every field.

Row Crops

Growing row crops can be a tough row to hoe. Weather, soil conditions, pests and disease are just a few of the challenges you face every season. At Stoller, we have the solutions you need for healthy plants and more profitable yields.

Fruits and Vegetables

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, your products need to look and taste great. Let us show you how our specific agricultural solutions can help you drive strong growth and yield potential to raise more produce that will last longer on store shelves.

Tree Nuts

Managing your orchard is a year-round job. From prepping for the growth season to protecting trees after the harvest, you need strong science and solid recommendations to increase yields through more nuts of greater size and heavier weights.

Turf and Ornamentals

When you grow turf and ornamentals, appearances mean everything. Plants, trees, shrubs, grasses and herbs that are lush, healthy and resistant to abiotic stress not only improve yields but they also create an attractive appearance that is valued and appreciated.

Our Crop Expertise

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