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X-Pand™ is an EPA registered, OMRI listed plant growth regulator for organic use containing 12% gibberellic acid.

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X-Pand™ is an OMRI Listed, EPA registered plant growth regulator. It is primarily used to increase the sizing of cells within the plant tissue. This will cause a plant to have increased size in all plant parts. It will also cause a delay in ripening which will protect the fruit against forced ripening and yield a longer shelf-life during periods after harvest.

Product Benefits

• OMRI listed
• Establish stand density
• Significantly influence seedling vigor
• Enhance root and shoot elongation
• Increases size and elongates grape clusters
• Reduces rind creasing and delays aging in valencia oranges
• Prevents pre-harvest drop of grapefruit
• Increases fruit set of berries
• Reduces “blind” nodes in tart cherries
• Provides uniform sprouting and maximizes production of seed potatoes

Active Ingredients

• Gibberellic acid (GA3) 12.0%
• Other ingredients: 88.0%

Recommended Applications

Foliar, Irrigation
X-Pand™ applications made under slow drying conditions (cool to warm temperatures, medium to high relative humidity and no wind) will increase absorption by the plant, thus optimizing effectiveness. Night-time applications are encouraged when day-time conditions are not conducive to slow drying conditions.