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How your crops look on the outside is a direct reflection of how they feel on the inside. When it comes to turf and ornamentals, maintaining a strong, healthy appearance means reducing abiotic stress from weather, pests and disease. Lawn sod, flowers, bulbs, shrubs, landscape grasses and herbs have unique requirements to reach their genetic potential. That takes more than the best bulk fertilizer you can buy. Wholesale seed treatments, hormone supplements and foliar sprays could help. But when should you apply them and in what amounts? To be successful, you need scientific recommendations that identify the specific needs of your trees, turf, shrubs and flowers, including:

Armed with proven agricultural protocols, we’ll give your farm the precise combinations of fertilizers, biostimulants, micronutrients and specialty products to help you grow the best grasses, trees shrubs, flowers and herbs. That translates into products that are healthy and lush. At Stoller, we’ll help you Start, Grow and Finish strong. Plant after plant, time after time.

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  • THAT Flowable Sulfur

    THAT® Flowable Sulfur

    Fruit & Vegetable, Row Crop, Tree Nut, Turf & Ornamental
    Seed, Soil, Foliar
    Specialty Product
    THAT® Flowable Sulfur is an EPA registered, convenient micronized liquid sulfur formulation that controls a broad spectrum of insects and diseases.
  • White Label® 4% Magnesium with 5% Sulfur

    Fruit & Vegetable, Row Crop, Tree Nut, Turf & Ornamental
    Soil, Foliar
  • X-Cyte jug


    Fruit & Vegetable, Row Crop, Turf & Ornamental
    Foliar, Irrigation
    PGR Product
    X-Cyte™ provides cytokinin which is critical for vegetative growth, reproductive development, and abiotic stress mitigation. EPA-registered.
  • X-Pand™

    Fruit & Vegetable, Tree Nut, Turf & Ornamental
    Foliar, Irrigation
    OMRI Listed Product, PGR Product
    X-Pand™ is an EPA-registered organic plant growth regulator. It is primarily used to increase the sizing of cells within the plant tissue.

Growers Say It Best

"We like the Harvest More Urea Mate because it gives us a balanced approach to micro and macro nutrients. It’s a product that provides quite a range of different nutrients in a form that is readily available and fairly easy to maintain in suspension and run through the irrigator."

- Phil Friedrich | 2019 NCGA Yield Contest Winner | Illinois