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Stoller Solutions in Potato

Stoller Solutions in Potatoes

Potatoes generated the 3rd highest cash receipts in Idaho in 2019.

Idaho and Washington accounted for roughly 56% of U.S. potato production in 2020.

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Bio-Forge Advanced 8 – 16 fl oz

Apply at planting in-furrow.


Tuber initiation

Fortified Stimulate Yield Enhancer Plus 4 fl oz or Bio-Forge Advanced 8 fl oz.

Tank-mix and foliar apply at tuber initiation. Repeat every 14 days for a total of three applications.


Beginning of stress event (heat)

X-Cyte 16 fl oz + Bio-Forge Advanced 8 fl oz.

Tank-mix and foliar apply 1-3 days prior to a heat event. Mitigates weather-related stress.


Tuber bulking

Fortified Stimulate Yield Enhancer Plus 4 fl oz.

Foliar apply. Repeat application in 14 days. Can add Harvest More Urea Mate at 1 pound per 10 gallons of water per acre ration. Don’t exceed 2.5 pounds per acre per application.


At vine kill

Sugar Power 1 gal.

Foliar apply.


Bio-Forge® Advanced

Bio-Forge Advanced jug

From the moment potatoes germinate they are challenged with abiotic stress such as cold, heat, hail, excessive rain, frost, and drought. When a plant is stressed, it focuses its energy on survival, not reproduction, which means it is not focused on producing yield.

Use Bio-Forge Advanced to minimize abiotic stress and maximize yield.


Fortified Stimulate Yield Enhancer® Plus

Fortified Stimulate Yield Enhancer Plus

Fortified Stimulate Yield Enhancer Plus is essential for enhanced germination, uniform emergence, and vigorous growth. This EPA-Registered product maintains optimum balance and sets the foundation for higher yield.



X-Cyte jug

X-Cyte provides cytokinin which is crucial for vegetative growth, reproductive development, and abiotic stress mitigation. This EPA-registered product is the market leader in consistency and performance, limiting yield loss due to cytokinin deficiency.


Sugar Power®

Sugar Power Jug

Sugar Power combines phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium formulated to build yield during the reproductive phases of development.


Utilization of Stoller Products in Russet Burbank Potato

AUTHOR: Jeremy Green


Potatoes are grown across the United States for two primary markets, 1) baking, mashing, frying, and 2) chipping. A trial was established with the North Central Research Station near St. John, MI to understand how an abiotic stress mitigation product, Bio-Forge® Advanced could influence the overall yield of Russet Burbank potatoes when applied at various timings in the plant cycle with and without additional nutrition. The data presented in the report show a significant increase in potato yield when Bio-Forge Advanced was applied in-furrow. The results point to the fact that potatoes can be influenced early in the season; however, more data is needed to understand what product may be needed in the season for potatoes.

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In this video, you will learn more about the research developed by Stoller to learn more about potatoes.

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