Chelated calcium product for post-harvest wash and cooling water to extend the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables.

What it does

  • Strengthens cell walls of fruits and vegetables immediately under external skin
  • Reduces enzymatic action
  • Mediates enzymes which are destructive during hot temperatures

What that means

  • Reduced post-harvest problems
  • Decreased cell tissue breakdown
  • Extended shipment quality, storage quality and shelf-life of fruits and vegetables

Application timing

  • Pre-harvest foliar application beginning 3 weeks before harvest at 3 qt/A and continuing through harvest
  • Post-harvest treatment by adding hydrocooler and brush water to a concentration of 0.5%

X-Tenderâ„¢ is a chelated calcium product that can extend the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables with a pre-harvest foliar application and/or treatment of hydrocooler water after harvest.

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