Enhance pollination ‚óŹ Improve grain fill

What it does

  • Utilizes cytokinin — a key plant growth hormone that increases flower fertility in high temperatures during pollination and flowering
  • Up-regulates key genes for maximum sugar transport
  • Increases sugar levels in the plant’s reproductive system

What that means

  • Enhanced flowering, pollination and fruit set in excessive heat
  • Optimum pollen strength
  • Improved yields from reduced plant physiological issues

Application timing

  • With foliar sprays

X-Cyte™ contains a key plant growth hormone – cytokinin – that increases fertility in high temperatures during the stressful pollination or flowering period. It up-regulates genes associated with sugar transport to increase sugars in the reproductive parts of the plant.

High temperatures (above 87°F for corn, above 85°F for soybeans, above 68°F for wheat) during pollination and flowering is a surefire way to suffer losses of production, yields and profits. Even in good growing seasons, a short period of high heat conditions at the critical pollination point can turn a promising year into a bad year. A second application may be advisable if high temperatures persist 10 days or more.

X-Cyte is also effective in supplementing root hormones for cell division in plants where the root system needs to be reestablished due to severe stress, for normal growth of new roots, leaves, seed, storage tissue or fruit.

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